• Deutsche Oper Berlin (map)
  • 35 Bismarckstraße
  • Berlin, Berlin, 10627
  • Germany

Shostakovich's controversial opera centers around a strong businesswoman who finds herself in impossible circumstances, having to maneuver her life in a way that tests her moral fiber. A brutally human story, we find this dubious survivor to be sympathetic, in spite of her doing whatever she needs to survive in a world designed to hold her back. GMD Donald Runnicles leads this dark production from Norwegian director Ole Anders Tandberg. Mr. Carico appears as the corrupt Police Commissioner, joined by Kurt Rydl as Boris Izmailov, Thomas Blondelle as Zinoviy Izmailov, Evelyn Herlitzius as Katerina Izmailova, Sergey Polyakov as Sergei, Burkhard Ulrich as the Shabby Peasant, and Tobias Kehrer as the Priest.

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