• Deutsche Oper Berlin (map)
  • 35 Bismarckstraße
  • Berlin, Berlin, 10627
  • Germany

Graham Vick’s masterful production of Britten’s study of a man's struggle with his obsessions with lost youth, unattainable beauty, and his own impending mortality returns to the Deutsche Oper. Ian Bostridge appears as Aschenbach, Tai Oney as Apollo, and Seth stretches himself to find seven different characters throughout the evening: The Traveler, The Old Fop, The Old Gondolier, The Hotel Manager, The Hotel Barber, The Leader of the Players, and The Voice of Dionysus. Markus Stenz will lead these singers, the orchestra and chorus of Deutsche Oper Berlin, and an enormous cast of supporting characters through this special event.

Click on Desired Date for Tickets: 11.22.19 | 11.27.19 | 12.05.19

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