• Deutsche Oper Berlin (map)
  • 35 Bismarckstraße
  • Berlin, Berlin, 10627
  • Germany

English director Martin Butler teams up with Berlin band Brandt Brauer Frick to present this parable of Versace’s rise and fall using the format of a vogue ball, typical of the voguing subculture that arose in 1980s New York, in which people dressed as celebrities from the world of glamour or fantasy and performed dance routines based on a synthesis of urban-dance moves and catwalk elements. The performance will be hosted by Amsterdam voguing queen Amber Vineyard. The GIANNI ensemble will also feature Alexander Geist, the new "Boy Hero" of Pop, soprano Claron McFadden and Seth will appear as the enigmatic Andrew Cunanan, who eventually murdered at least five people, including Versace himself.

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